Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The sculpture at the HSBC bank downtown Vancouver... a giant pendulum that swings back and forth. Really nice.
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Vancouver Critical Mass Blogger said...

I think I heard at school - or heard someone retell - the experience of the artist who made that thing. Apparently some time after it installed (months, years, I forget) it got stuck. Apparently it was a hot summer and the long peice of metal expanded and got longer. So it stuck. He had to come into it and fix it. He had to hire people and stuff. He also had to get some kind of engineering safety recertification to re-assure the building owners. I think he needed crazy insurance. It worked out in the end but I think he was relating it as a "challenge" of the job.

Anyways, things like that are impressive - but with scale comes great complexity of the project and things you can't foresee.