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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It was a good getaway. Sorrento is beautiful, any time of the year. Posted by Picasa

What I did mostly was pick apples. There were a lot of them. Posted by Picasa
I went up with David. Here he is driving the Sorrento tractor, threatening to run me over. Also helping out is Arthur Nash. Posted by Picasa
I'll have to admit that poaching this pig was a bit gross. I had to turn it for over an hour. Actually, this wasn't my view of it, the rear end was. Posted by Picasa

I spent a weekend at Sorrento Centre. It was associate's weekend. About 30 or so associates - people who donate a bit of money to Sorrento - come to help close the camp for the winter. A highlight was a pig roast. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 02, 2005

In short, a very nice getaway. Posted by Picasa

And fruit... Posted by Picasa

Lots of pumpkins on sale. Ros got three. Posted by Picasa

On the way back Ros and I stopped in at the Old Grist Mill near Keremeos, which is still working.. for tourists, not to grind flour as it did for 20 years in the late 1800s. Posted by Picasa

Some of the wineries have art, in this case, a sculpture garden. Posted by Picasa

We were lucky with the weather. While it rained a bit, generally not when were were out, and what rain there was came with a rainbow. Ros took this picture. Posted by Picasa

Thus. Grapes behind a net. Posted by Picasa

It is a beautiful area. This is not far from Naramata and the Kettle Valley bicycle trail - actually shot from the trail. This grpe grower has put his vines under nets, which isn't all that common, it seemed, though nets are used to cover the grapes. Posted by Picasa

Ros and I went with six friends to the Okanagan this weekend, Oct. 1 & 2, to relax and tour wineries. Here we are at one of them - Valerie, Paul, John, Kitty (almost hidden), Ray, and Ros. Donna has stepped to the side to look at something other than wine. Posted by Picasa