Thursday, October 20, 2011

Russell at the computer

Russell at his computer. I lost my camera so I took this on a cell phone that Russell got me. Seems to work okay when there's sufficient light. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Frankie at demonstration

I think Frankie (held here by Johnny) enjoyed the sounds and colours and excitement. He's now 7 months.
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Occupy Wall Street in Vancouver

Here was part of the demonstration. A few thousand where there. After gathering on the north side of the Art Gallery and listening to speeches, the group marched north on Hornby, crossed, and south on Howe, then back to the Art Gallery for more speeches. Instead of listening to the second set of speeches, we went for lunch.
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On the steps

At the Occupy demonstration, Ros and I met Finn, Jane, Frankie, and Johnny on the south steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery. This is a composite picture but it does show how we were sitting.

Lighthouse Park

Sign in Lighthouse Park with advice I would try to follow if the occasion arose ("Don't panic") but wonder if I'd be able to.
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Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. The day was cloudy but while we were in the park the rain held off, except at the very end. The weather didn't keep a few people from sailing.
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Friday, October 07, 2011

Blue Whale

Blue whales are big. Skeleton in the Diversity Museum at UBC.
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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Roof of BC Place

Before the game, the roof was opened. It did let in air, but the hole seems small... so much money was spent for a stadium with a hole in the roof that's not very large compared to the size of the place! Posted by Picasa

Opening kickoff

The Lions kicked off. Ball is in the circle. Not much scoring in the first half, it picked up in the second. Being at a game is certainly different from watching on TV, though they had really big screens at the stadium. You may not see the game as well, but you catch so much more atmosphere. Especially the vuvuzela!Posted by Picasa

Opening of renovated BC Place

Half time at BC Place during the Lions-Edmonton game, the first in the renovated BC Place. This remotely controlled blimp dropped tiny footballs to people. Smoke in background was from fireworks set off on the field. The Lions won. Fun, even though a guy four seats to my right kept blowing a vuvuzela--very loud!Posted by Picasa