Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008 was fun

Christmas 2008, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Here are Nick, Christopher, Naomi and David at the gift opening at Granny's. Later we played what Nigel called "Greed" which involved opening presents and taking previously opened ones... lots of fun. For more pictures of Christmas they're on flickr at

Santa and Rudolph

Christmas 2008, originally uploaded by NealeA.

A.K.A. Russell and Nick. This was at our house where we had a gift opening before going over to Granny's

Christmas 2008 Dinner

Christmas 2008, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Here we are around the Christmas dinner table for turkey (of course).

Christmas 2008 group picture

Christmas 2008, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Here we all are at Margery's on Christmas Day getting ready for the group picture. Jane unfortunately is behind Finn, who is beside David and Katy (standing). Second row is Catherine, Margery, Ros, Leslie, Jeannine. Standing are Russell, Naomi, Darlene, Nick (on knees), Nigel, and Geneve. For the formal shot (which includes me) go to my ("NealeA") flickr page.

Buker-Adams family in snow

Christmas 2008, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Finnegann isn't quite sure what to make of the snow. This was taken in Margery's back yard on Christmas Day, 2008.

It's been a heck of a December

Christmas 2008, originally uploaded by NealeA.

This nice picture was taken by Naomi after one of many snowfalls we've had. Once every few decades cold air from up north gets stuck at the coast and the moist air off the Pacific dumps lots of snow on us. Happened this year.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Here I am as a bishop - a walk on in role - in a production of Saint Nicolas by Benjamin Britten that was put on at Christ Church Cathedral on November 3. The tenor Benjamin Butterfield played the part of Nicolas. I was one of about ten bishops who were part of a Council of Nicea scene. With me here are Bert Allsop, Howard Teasley, and Graham Rawlings
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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Baptism

_BYS4387, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Jim makes the sign of the cross on a squirming Finnegan. At left are the new godparents.

Finnegan's baptism

_BYS4388, originally uploaded by NealeA.

These wonderful pictures of were taken by Bayne Stanley, who is a professional photographer (as you can see), and who graciously gave them to the people being baptized or their families.


FinnbySofa, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Up to no good, of course.


JaneAware, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Momma Jane is pretty busy these days. Glad she can relax a bit when the family comes over.


FinnandJam, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Trying a little bread and jam on a visit to the grandparents. It was Neale's home baked bread so it had to be good.


FinnandtheMohawkMan, originally uploaded by NealeA.

The awesome pair, Finnegan and Russell. Russell got this haircut for the baptism.


Ros-FollowsThough, originally uploaded by NealeA.

One thing my dear wife is good at in hockey is follow through!


RosOutofGoal, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Charging out after a short corner. Unfortunately the team lost.


RosOutfoxedHer, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Ros got the ball behind the defender. Game on Nov. 9.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Christmas story

I really do have to post this. A bit early for Christmas perhaps. But it's the story. Sort of... from Maggi's blog.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Seeing Sandra off at the airport.
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Granny and Finn. It appears he's going to walk pretty early, which will keep his parents busy.
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The aunt and her nephew... Naomi and Finn.
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Finn having a good time with Sandra Rhodes, who came to visit from Dublin for a couple of weeks in September.
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Russell takes a break from working on the garage.
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finn with a friend

Lesley Godwin is one of Finnegann's favourite people, I think. And she has a fascinating necklace! This is at 1251, Granny's house.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


P8313609, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Here's great granny (g-g), who certainly enjoys being around her great grandson. What a great smile!

Adams Bukers

P8313586, originally uploaded by NealeA.

And here Finnegann is with Dad and Mum.

Happy kid

P8313611, originally uploaded by NealeA.

I'm amazed at how happy this youngster is, so much of the time (not that he can't fuss some, not not that often). Credit must go to his parents.

Finnegann and his Grandpa

P8313612, originally uploaded by NealeA.

The boy is getting a bit bigger - eight months today (Sept. 2). Ros caught this shot.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tribute to Grandpa

This is a tribute to my father-in-law, John R. Kellett, who died just 9 days short of his 95th birthday. He was very much alive till he died the morning of July 16 in his sleep. We shall miss him very much.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bike Polo

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Relaxing between games... a great afternoon.

Bike Polo

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by NealeA.

The trophies...

Nick defending

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Here Nick is keeping the ball out of the goal (between the two orange standards), with his bike and his polo club (usually the shank of a golf club and some PVC piping).

Naomi reaching

Naomi reaching, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Naomi really got into her games. Unfortunately, she and Nick (who were a team, as "Albert and Victoria") lost this one 5 to 4. But they had expected to love by more.

Bike Polo

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Bike Polo has rules. Despite appearances, it is NOT a rule that one must have a tatoo or piercing. But these were posted. I like the last one.

Bike Polo

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by NealeA.

It was set up quite elaborately on four tennis courts in the park - woe to those who wanted to play tennis that day.

Bike Polo

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by NealeA.

I very much enjoyed seeing Nick and Naomi play Bike Polo last Saturday. Takes a lot of skill and they're getting good at it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Okay I have to post this picture from the NY Times (thanks). Their blog comment: Canada wins the gold medal in the crazy pants competition.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Old ball game

Eight of us in the office went to see a ball game Tuesday afternoon. It was my idea, and it was fun. The home team lost - it was quite a shame, giving up something like 20 hits and 16 runs - but we sang during the 7th inning stretch lustily...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our holiday in Ontario and Quebec

Ros and I really enjoyed our holiday in Quebec, seeing relatives (Judy and Jerry, Doug Neale and his friend Wendy) and friends (Ken and Sandie Melchin) and enjoying Montreal and - especially - Quebec City, my birthplace, on their 400th Birthday. Here are some pictures we took. (Click the "i" for information about each.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cycling away

June24-08, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Ros had a teachers' union barbecue to go to (no spouses allowed) and took off on the bicycle carrying a fruit salad (which you can't see). It's perfect cycling weather.


June24-08, originally uploaded by NealeA.

The roses on the trellis at the edge of the porch have come out and really look nice, despite our best efforts at ignoring them. But we must get the porch cleared.

Our Backyard

June24-08, originally uploaded by NealeA.

This is where I should have been sitting this afternoon, rather than fooling around with the camera - and reading a book and having a beer. It's so green this time of year. The wheelbarrow in the background though reminds me there's always work to do in the garden.

Archbishop in Church

P6222864, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Here's Fred in his more traditional garb after an ordination service on Sunday. On behalf of diocesan bishops in the Dioceses of New Westminster and Kootenay, the Archbishop ordained five people. In the picture are the Rev. Patrick Blaney, who will serve at the Cathedral, and the Rev. Kelly Duncan, who is destined for the Diocese of Kootenay

The Primate and the Pooch

P6242904, originally uploaded by NealeA.

I enjoyed as Communications Officer for the Diocese of New Westminster being with Archbishop Fred Hiltz, here touring a subsidized housing complex that the Church has been involved in. Jack Card is a resident and storekeeper in "The Wellspring." His dog is named Ruby. Fred, head of the Anglican Church of Canada, came for a four day official visit, and one thing he did was get a taste of the social services the diocese is involved in. The Archbishop loves dogs--he just lost a Labrador that had been in the family for 15 years, and really missed him. "The Wellspring" is one of relatively few places where people can keep their pets.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finn Again

Finn Again, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Finnegan when awake. Blowing bubbles, I think. Nigel took this great shot of the boy.

Auntie And Finn

Auntie And Finn, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Naomi and her charge.

Us All

Us All, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Here we all are. I neglected to say Naomi was over from Victoria for the weekend. Jane asked Naomi to carry Finn in his Snugli (or whatever it's called), which he likes to go to sleep in. Next to a warm body.

Finn and Teddy

Finn and Teddy, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Yet more pictures of the Grandkid. Finn is held by Cathy when she and Nigel and Ros and I visited Russell and Jane in their back garden.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Leanne's Swan Song

Leanne Larmondin, editor of the Anglican Journal for the past five years and in other jobs at Church House for ten years before that, decided to try something else and left her job--at the end of the conference. Her parting words to us.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Anglican Editors Conference

IMG_2287, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Having kissed the cod in Newfoundland a few years ago (actually a salmon), Leanne Larmondin felt moved to kiss a lobster and become a true New Brunswicker (if that's how you do it).

Anglican Editors Conference

IMG_2312, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Another event was a lobster dinner hosted by the Bishop of Fredericton, Claude Miller, at his home.A former fisherman, he cut up every lobster for us.