Monday, May 01, 2006

More digital pictures at the end of the evening. Russell, Jane, Christ, Graham, Alix, with Sandra taking the photo. A great evening. Posted by Picasa

Chris Kellett was in town from Calgary. Posted by Picasa

Several there tried on Ros' Kanga boots. Posted by Picasa

Ros, Jane, David, and Margery under the umbrella... it was a very nice evening. Posted by Picasa

Margery and Jack came over for the barbeque, here with Sandra, Ros' cousin. Posted by Picasa

Then went home for a party. Posted by Picasa

A few days later we went to the Vaisaiki parade along Main Street. Posted by Picasa

Another angle. Posted by Picasa

Inside, it was great fun. Here Alix and Graham are racing in wheelchairs... virtually. It's a screen they're looking at. Posted by Picasa

And so did I. Clunk. Posted by Picasa

Of course they had to go down the slide nearby. Posted by Picasa

Irish relatives visited in April. Ros took Alix and Graham Rhodes from Dublin to Science World. Posted by Picasa