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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

...and thought about things. Posted by Hello

Ros read out the proposed invitation for the July 16th event, and everyone else listened and pondered. Clockwise: Ros, Russell, Jack, David (smiling!). Posted by Hello

Of course, much of the evening was devoted to planning for the wedding of these two, Russell and Jane. Posted by Hello

She does "wear purple" and is so active and such a great sport.  Posted by Hello

Margery Kellett's 83rd birthday party at our home. We forget that she's an octogenarian! Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 08, 2005

At the end I think someone was relieved the trip went well... Posted by Hello

The bike paths are really quite nice, especially when tree lined. Posted by Hello

Then we cycled back to Trout Lake via the Slocan Street bike path. The trip was without much incident... only three of us fell off our bikes at different times (Johnny, Jane's brother; Marie; and me).  Posted by Hello

Here's the City of Vancouver's picture of the park. Weddings are allowed almost anywhere - stand-up weddings, that is.  Posted by Hello

The opinions of the mothers, Ros and Marie, were of great interest to Jane and Russell. Posted by Hello

So we discussed how we could have a wedding party of about 100 or so on the site... where we'd put the bicycles, have the blessing, and so forth. Posted by Hello

We came to Burrard View Park, which overlooks Burrard Inlet and the North Shore Mountains.  Posted by Hello

North through East Vancouver we went - from Trout Lake Community Centre along the Lakewood Drive bicycle route - about four kilometres Posted by Hello

On Saturday, a group of 12 cyclists led by Russell and Jane cycled to a park where Russell and Jane may have a wedding blessing ceremony on July 15. Posted by Hello