Friday, December 30, 2011

Setting up the little reindeer

Setting up the lit raindeer, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Finn and Rosalind put up the reindeer at the top of our steps. It's a Rudolph, of course.

Frankie and Jane

Frankie and Jane, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Among our Christmas activities was a visit to the light display at Van Dusen gardens. Everyone enjoyed that.


Drum, originally uploaded by NealeA.

In the museum was an exhibit on Bhangra music - modern Indian pop - including some drums to play.


Crab, originally uploaded by NealeA.

Finn and I went to the Vancouver Museum a few weeks ago. The crab sculpture in front is fun.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Birthday cake

And here we are with the birthday cake and Frankie, Finn, and Rosalind

Games at the party

At the party Margery and Finn played keep the balloon in the air.

In front of my house on my birthday

This is what was on the lawn and in front of the house on my birthday. 
Wonder who put up the 40 flamingos, two penguins, a pig and a cow.