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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

We worked on planning Jane and Russell's wedding. Posted by Hello

On Monday we went out to Rosedale to be with Jane's family at their farm. Here are Neale, Ros, Maria (Jane's mother), Andrea (Jane's sister), and Russell. Posted by Hello

And sort of appreciated by Margery, here with her gift of daffodils. Posted by Hello

Much appreciated by Peter, Jane, and Russell... Posted by Hello

David, Rosalind, and Jack teamed up for another song... Posted by Hello

The evening's entertainment included "Down with the Dead Men" by Neale and Dave. Posted by Hello

We followed the dinner with an Easter egg hunt. Here Jack finds an egg... Posted by Hello

Easter dinner. A guest was Peter Schols, in the gray sweater, who was most entertaining. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Who is the big kid? Oh, but it is fun and she Ros did the best job of colouring... her brother David and I helped.
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Colouring Easter eggs. Ros wanted to do this so she could hide them tomorrow when we go to her parents' house for dinner. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

The little strip mall on Oak Street not far from where we live. Very ordinary. I sketched this from across the street in front of the Royal Bank. We use the dry cleaners and the hair stylist (though he costs a lot).  Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 19, 2005

I got there at about 10 am but was 33 on the speaker's list and had to wait till about 1:20 pm. So I spent some of my time sketching. The councillors are (clockwise, from top left) Tim Louis, the chair, who is in a wheelchair, David Cadman (not a great likeness), Anne Roberts (who asked a lot of question), Fred Bass, Mayor Larry Campbell (he didn't preside since it was formally a committee meeting), Jim Green, Raymond Louie, Ellen Woodsworth (who seemed to be able to pay rapt attention to everyone). In the centre is an overall view from where I was sitting, and Sam Sullivan. Not present was Tim Stevenson, who I guess was off campaigning for the provincial legislature. Posted by Hello

I spent time at City Hall on March 17. I was speaking on behalf of Friends of the Vancouver Public Library, at a budget hearing. I was in the balcony. Below me was Councillor Peter Ladner, a friend. Much later, in the evening, the council approved what the VPL had asked for - a literacy program for pre-school children. Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Russell and Jane announced they will get married at Trout Lake in Vancouver on July 16. Posted by Hello

The birthday boy blows out his 26 candles. Posted by Hello