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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Memorial Window

IMG_2024 copy by NealeA

IMG_2024 copy, a photo by NealeA on Flickr.
And here's the window that we dedicated. Simeon is holding the baby Jesus (Jack played Simeon in the Cathedral pageant for many years), Anna, and at right are Mary and Joseph. Story is at Luke 2:21-38.

Family At Window Dedication

FamilyAtWindowDedication by NealeA
FamilyAtWindowDedication, a photo by NealeA on Flickr.

Here we are when the window in memory of Jack Kellett was dedicated at Christ Church Cathedral. In the back are Tom Mercer (with gray beard) who created the window and Peter Elliott. Others: David, Neale, Margery, Russell, Nick; in front, Ros, Jane, Frankie, Finnegann, Naomi. A great day!

Naomi's Birthday 2013

IMG_1999 by NealeA
IMG_1999, a photo by NealeA on Flickr.

We went to supper at a vegetarian restaurant, Po Kong, then to Nick and Naomi's place for cake. Great fun.