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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wedding photos:
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I put all the pictures Nigel took in album format. Go here.
And Lori Llewellyn, Russell's aunt, has posted some - here.
That should be enough!

Monday, August 22, 2005

All in all a great time. Thanks Bart & Jacquie. Posted by Picasa

We went by bike to and from the island. On the way home of course I had to get a flat. How did Ros catch me smiling? I wasn't feeling that way then... Posted by Picasa

In the forest - this area is a new park that Bart was instrumental in obtaining for the community. Posted by Picasa

A shot in the evening... Posted by Picasa

Gabriola's foundation is sandstone, and one sees formations like this all along many of the shores. I'm not quite certain what makes the holes in the rocks - some combination of chemical and mechanical factors. Posted by Picasa

Gosh, it's a beautiful island in the Gulf of Georgia. This is on the east side of the island. Posted by Picasa

I really enjoyed cycling about the island. Here Ros caught me - she was in the car with Bart, lazy woman... Posted by Picasa

Ros and I really enjoyed our trip to Gabriola and visit with Bart and Jacquie Jessup last weekend. This is Ros and the Jessups after we had dinner at The Surf. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

And the picture that captures the event is Nigel's shot of the happy couple, heading to the wedding - and many, many years of married life. Posted by Picasa

The cake and all that. Thanks to so many people for sending their digital pictures - Nigel, Lori, Dena, Darlene, and many others. Posted by Picasa

Then came dancing to the music of 15 members of the Carnival Band, which was perfect for the occasion. Posted by Picasa

A wonderful feast followed, prepared by so many, but especially Marie. Here's the head table. Posted by Picasa

Then back to Trout Lake Community Centre for the wedding feast. Posted by Picasa

Bishop Jim presided over the ceremony and they became a married couple. Posted by Picasa

The wedding party stood at front... Don and Marie, me and Rosalind, the bride and groom. Posted by Picasa

Who came across the grass, just a bit late perhaps, for a dramatic entrance. Posted by Picasa

At Burrard View park, guests sat on the grass in a semi-circle, and waited for the bride and groom.  Posted by Picasa

Along the way, Russell's uncle David energetically read two passages in a small park. One was from Genesis, the bit about Adam coming from Eve's rib (which upset some people), the other from The Prophet.  Posted by Picasa

Okay, I've got to post a few pictures of the wedding. There are so many. Way over 400 by now and the "official" photographer has yet to produce. This is setting out, with Jane and Russell and the "Love Bike," Jane's sister Andrea at left, her brother Johnny behind, Bishop Jim Cruickshank, and in the white helmet Rowan, who did so much. Posted by Picasa